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The necessity to add montmorillonite in the feed additives

2013/9/9      view:

Key words: montmorillonite, diarrhea, adsorb, bacterial, mycotoxin, antibiotics, zinc oxide, feed additives

Montmorillonite is from nature and returns to nature, no damage to nature. It is the environmental friendly material.

The necessity to add montmorillonite in the feed additives.

1.       It is necessary to add montmorillonite in the feed additives. Montmorillonite is a kind of medicine by humans evolved into feed additive varieties, anti-diarrhea effect to animals and feed mildew excellent results, and safe, green, is the indispensable element of the green feed formula. Montmorillonite is from nature, returns to nature, no damage to nature, it is one environmental friendly material.

2.       The montmorillonite must be purified, must determine the non-toxic (arsenic, mercury, lead, christobalite not overweight), any apply bentonite ore directly will cause damage to livestocks.

3.       Montmorillonite is a kind of effective mildew additive, adding montmorillonite has been fit to take off the mold in the large-scale feed production measures of choice.Through the test of feed science research institute, Zhejiang University, nanometer montmorillonite of mycotoxins has strong adsorption, adsorption force (%) as follows: Aflatoxin, 100%; Zearalenone, 88%; Ochratoxin, 72%; Chrysotoxin, 100%; Fusarium toxins 91%. A large number of clinical trials showed that 0.1% of the amount is enough to solve the problem of mycotoxins in feed.

4.       Montmorillonite can balance feed element, reduce the content of lead and pesticide content in the feed.

5.       Montmorillonite can alternate antibiotic to treat diarrhea.

6.       Montmorillonite can alternate Zinc Oxide to treat diarrhea.

7.       Montmorillonite can reduce the stress reaction of livestock.

8.       Montmorillonite is suitable for piglets, rabbit, chicken, etc. All of the layers are livestock feed, shrimp, fish and other aquatic feed. Join general amount of feed for 2-3 kg/ton, simple to take off the feed mycotoxins addition amount for 1-2kg/ton, feed mildew, add quantity for 3-5kg/ton.

Montmorillonite can use together with the drug combination antibiotic drugs, without phase, and no phase feared phenomenon.